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What does the future of work look like for your business?

12 Dec 2018
What does the future of work look like for your business?

By Adam Dierselhuis

Technology is changing the way we think about work – and what even constitutes work.
What does that mean and how do we position ourselves and our businesses for the future?

As a parent and business owner I often turn my mind the future Рconsidering the impact that not only technology, but also changing geography, ageing, and digital economies will have on the world we live in, the businesses and workplaces of the future.  How do those changes translate to the skills that I, my children, and our team will need to possess in the years to come?

I recently came across this paper by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand which articulates the drivers of change, the impact of such, and poses some interesting questions which I draw your attention to on page 58 to stimulate your thinking.

I trust you’ll find it an interesting read and would be keen to hear any takeaways or insights you gain and what actions you might take.